The nature of the support offered by Symbios is as varied as our clients' needs. Much of our work follows a traditional consultancy assignment model: we submit a proposal, agree a statement of work, undertake research, and deliver a study report and presentation. If necessary, the entire process can be conducted remotely by e-mail to ensure a fast response and to minimise client costs.

Where client needs are less well defined or are dynamically changing, Symbios consultants are accustomed to working as a trusted member of the in-house team, supporting the development of programme ideas and strategy, contributing to internal meetings, and representing the client in external fora.

Symbios is also experienced in researching and supporting fact-finding tours, providing a complete service for the client by identifying key collaborators or suppliers, arranging appointments, defining itineraries, and organising logistics. We have provided such packages for numerous corporate and government bodies - in particular for Japanese organisations investigating developments in Europe or USA.