The Symbios Concept is for the provision of technical consultancy services in the most professional, flexible, and cost-effective manner, achieved through our “virtual global consulting network”. This network, developed during a period of over 12 years professional consultancy activities, provides clients access to senior experts in a range of disciplines spanning space, defence, telecommunications, IT, and environment. The client is thereby assured the most focused solutions based on a foundation of relevant, expert knowledge.

Symbios Project Teams are truly global, comprising consultants and technical experts from the USA, Europe, Japan, South East Asia and Australia as required. In response to specific project requirements, our consulting network can access the very best expertise in industry, academic departments, government agencies, military bodies, and defence research organisations. Our approach ensures levels of relevant expertise and flexibility which can deliver maximum cost-effectiveness for the client.

Symbios is capable, dependable, and impartial, and our consultants have a distinguished record of success in major projects.