Our business is research, consulting, and programme support. Our consultants have experience in a broad range of disciplines, in particular:

Space Systems: spanning a multitude of studies conducted in the fields of Earth observation satellites, telecommunication satellites, and navigation systems, as well as combinations thereof - such as for vessel tracking systems and fleet management. Earth observation is a particular strength, both in the public and private sectors, and across a diversity of applications.

Telecommunications and Internet: including market and technology trends, and regulatory issues.

Geographic Information Systems: in particular their applications for use of remotely-sensed and environmental data for both commercial, military, and governmental use.

Global Environment: our experience includes technical analysis in support of policy development - for example considering data requirements for treaty verification, PR support for high profile publications and materials, and conference planning and assistance.

Defence: much of our work has been conducted for, or in association with, military organisations and is related to defence applications, such as ocean surveillance or high resolution imagery collection for intelligence purposes.