Symbios consultants have been engaged on the following project assignments:

European Space Sector

Reviews of the UK and European space industries and their health
COAST: EO GIS application for coastal zone management
ODFOMS: International Consortium for Fishing Fleet Management System employing EO satellite data, GPS tracking, and GIS
Review of UK coastal zone management data requirements
UNCED Rio Conference Brochure
Commercial benefits of ENVISAT
SAR ocean feature extraction
Ikonos data pricing strategy

UK Govt
Directory of the use of GIS within government

European Commission
Strategy for an International Directory Network
Development of the European EO data market
Data requirements for environmental monitoring
Data requirements for climate change research and treaties
Institutional aspects of Global Navigation Systems

CSIRO Office of Space Science and Applications, Australia
Resources in Earth observation - educational CD-ROM

European Space Agency
CEOS Yearbook brochure
CEOS Dossier Database
Study of effect of international joint developments on procurement costs Cost drivers in science missions

Japanese Space Industry
European Earth observation military applications
SAR for military land applications
Naval and oceanographic applications for SAR
A review of Teledesic
Vehicle tracking systems review
Gigabit satellite - strategy for collaboration with industry
Study of US Government-Industry collaboration in Earth observation
Ship detection methods for SAR
Applications of EO satellite data in APEC economies brochure

Japanese Government and Telecoms Industry
Economics of spectrum management in Japan

Telecom service provision in the UK
Provision of GSM services in Europe

National Space Development Agency of Japan
CEOS Networks proposal and Working Group support 1992-1999
Ground segment costs and models for ALOS
A review of the history of smallsats
IGOS Analysis Group support
GCOS analysis support
IGOS brochure
Special report on successful applications of EO satellite data
ADEOS: Japan-Europe collaboration development
ADEOS data policy support (EORC)

Science and Technology Agency, Japan
Assessment of socio-economic benefits of Earth science technology